Community Worship

This Saturday, ten prostitutes, 120 men from a drug rehab center, and 50 people from a dump outside the city will gather together with all four of the POI churches at Guacerique Church in Tegucigalpa, Hon. for an incredible time of worship and teaching by Mike Curry.

POI desires to be the hands and feet of Jesus and show these people the love that Christ has for them. Through this desire came the idea of Community Worship. This event, however, isn’t the first time the four POI churches have reached out to their city.

Crucitas, one of the four POI churches, is working together to reach out to the nearby drug rehab center. Every week, a group from the church visits the men and provides them a meal.

POI has also been working with some local prostitutes. Once a month, a group goes out on the streets to serve donuts and juice to them. Over the past couple years, POI has had the opportunity to build relationships with these men and women. We hope to continue to provide more help to them in the future.

The dump is a place that you can never imagine, but yet never forget. Thousands of men, women, and children dig through trash day after day as they are slowly dying of malnutrition or disease. POI mission teams as well as the POI staff have the opportunity to visit the dump on a regular basis to feed the people as well as build relationships with them.

These prostitutes, drunks, and the people living in the dump are the outcasts of the city. No one wants to talk to them, no one wants to help them…no one even wants to look at them. However, Jesus has an ineffable love for them. In Matthew 25:40 He says, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

The POI churches are so excited for the opportunity to gather together and worship with this diverse group of people.

Esteban Elvir, Executive Director of the POI programs in Honduras has a huge heart for these people. He is expecting between 350 and 450 people, but Esteban’s goals are not expressed in numbers.

“The goal of the community worship is that our church people understand that we need to reach the least of these. Also, that the least of these know that there is a place that welcomes them without caring about their condition, social class, or sins they have committed,” said Esteban.

Please pray for this community worship event this weekend. Pray that God would soften hearts and give POI opportunities to show the love of Christ.

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One thought on “Community Worship

  1. William says:

    John 1/5/2-3 by this we know that we love the children of God when we love God and keep His commandments. For this is the of God that we keep his commandments and His commandments are not grievous



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