Baptisms at the Guacerique Church


Alex, his wife, ans their son.

Alex lives next to the church at Guacerique. You can often find him repairing things around the church or playing soccer with people from the congregation.

A few months ago, Adrian, the pastor at the Guacerique church, invited Alex to a marriage group that he hosts, Alex attended and heard the gospel. He gave his life to Christ that night.

Alex has now been saved for two months and is serving with joy at the Guacerique church.

Alex is one of five people who have recently been saved at this church, and they all want to be baptized.

The pastors and staff are planning the first baptisms for the Guacerique church and a one day retreat of prayer.

Their hope for the event is obviously to allow the five new Christians to obey the Lord in baptism, but also to encourage spiritual growth in the 45 adults who are attending this new church.

We are grateful for the opportunity God has given this church to grow despite the darkness that surrounds it.  Please pray that the name of the Lord will continually be proclaimed, and that He will be glorified.

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