Flood Update: Gaby’s Personal Experience

Recent flooding in Honduras has caused $15,000 worth of damage to our girls’ orphanage. God has been good to us, and we have seen over $10,000 given towards our flood relief fund. If you would like to participate, please do so by clicking HERE.

One of the girls in the orphanage, Gaby, wanted to share some of her own personal

experience from that evening, and some ways we can be praying for them as they move forward from this tragedy.

“We were having a difficult time falling asleep because of all of the heavy rain and thunder. Our

Gaby (right) with the girls house mother, Saydi.

Gaby (right) with the girls house mother, Saydi.

house mother, Saydi, and all of us girls were upstairs to stay away from the waters. We were getting anxious to see the downstairs, but we couldn’t go down because of the flooding. We saw that everything was floating, and that our neighbors wall had fallen down. We were all so nervous – I even had a difficult time breathing because of it.”

“Although this has been a difficult time, it has taught us that we should not be attached to material things. It reminded us that we should pray at all times – even when we’re not going through trouble, and that we should always try to help other people.”

The girls are learning so many valuable lessons from this unexpected situation. Gaby asked that we would continue to pray for the damage done to the home, and for all of their neighbors homes. If you would like to view photos of the damage and give towards repairs, click HERE.

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