What does Fathers Day mean to you?

In the US, 43 percent of children live without their father1. In Honduras, 53 percent of all households are single mothers2 and 80 percent of registered births do not have a father’s name3.

Just think about that. 80 percent. Eight out of every 10 children are fatherless.

Our boys and girls orphanages are a great illustration of that. The majority of them began their lives without a father.

Kevin’s father was 90-years-old when he was born, and left his mother shortly after. Isaac’s father was an alcoholic and never took responsibility for him, so Isaac was forced upon his grandmother.

Before Anderson entered the orphanage, he had no father in his life and was on his way to joining a violent gang with older brothers.

These heart-wrenching stories encompass the lives of many children in Honduras, especially the lives of the children that now live in the POI orphanage. However, their stories certainly do not end as they began.

The Lord has graciously blessed the orphanage boys and girls with a picture of family and a loving father to disciple them.

You see, the POI orphanages are much different than the typical orphanage. A real mom and dad live with the boys full time. They are loved, mentored, disciplined, and cared for. Essentially, the POI orphanage is not an orphanage at all. It is a family.

Edgardo and his wife have dedicated their lives and their family to the boys orphanage. Below is their story:

How did you start working at the boy’s orphanage/ why did you want to work there?

It all started when God burdened my heart to serve Him full time, while I was studying theology at the Impacto Church to become a pastor.

I called Esteban to see if there was any opportunity to serve in POI, and a few weeks later he called to tell me they were in need of a family in the Boys Orphanage.

For three weeks, my wife and I prayed and spent time getting to know the boys. We knew it was where God was leading us. So we decided to accept the challenge, and we brought our two boys to move into the boy’s home.

Our motivation and desire was and is to do everything for the glory of God. That is the reason we are here.

How long have you worked at the boys orphanage?

We have been with POI since May 2012.

Describe your relationship with the boys…do you think of yourself as their father?

We have a very good relationship. From the beginning, we established with them that I will serve them as their father and my wife as their mother. They even call us mom and dad. I see them all as my sons.

Do you act as a father figure to the girls as well or just the boys?

In the girl’s case, we have a great burden in our hearts for them. We feel sad that they don’t have a fatherly figure in their house with them, and because of that I seek to be a role model for them whenever we are around them. I also try to encourage and counsel them when I have the chance. I want them to feel they can count on me when they need it.

This Father’s Day, please remember the many orphans who are fatherless. Pray that they will find leadership, rest, and comfort in their Heavenly father, whose love is more than we could ever comprehend.

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. Psalm 68:5

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