Helping Through Transition

What does it mean if you find out that your sponsor child is no longer in POI?

In the Tegucigalpa neighborhoods where the POI programs are located, life is very different than life in the US, as you all know.

We refer to these neighborhoods as transit, meaning that families are constantly “in-and-out.” Families change neighborhoods for different reasons–some because they can’t pay rent and some simply to get to a better neighborhood

All of the kids in the POI programs are in very poor situations. Some parents even keep their kids home to do chores or to work for money.

These neighborhoods are very dangerous because of the gangs and frequent crimes; many parents simply get scared and decide not to allow their children to go anywhere.

These reasons are heartbreaking. It is hard for us to imagine a young child working just to put food on the table at night or being afraid of the danger just outside his small shack he calls home. However, the POI programs have been strategically put in these for neighborhoods because of their extreme poverty and violence.

These children need help. They need food, medical care, an education, and most of all the love of Christ. POI has the incredible opportunity to provide children with all of these things.

When any child leaves our program, we hope that it is for the best. However, when circumstances are out of our hands, we can rest assured that each child has been taught the gospel, loved, and prayed for.

Those of you that graciously support a child are making more of an impact than you will ever know.  Whether you have sponsored a child for years or you have just begun, we need each and every one of you.

Please be in prayer for your sponsor child and for the entire POI program. Here are some ways that you can pray:

  • Pray for the families of the children in the POI programs—that their hearts will be softened to the gospel.
  • Pray that each child in the program will take their academics seriously in order to have the opportunity to continue their education after elementary school.

Don’t forget, you can write your sponsor child anytime. Simply send letters to:

Point of Impact

7980 N Brother BLVD

Memphis, TN 38133

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