A Different Kind of Lesson

As the boys and girls walked into their classroom it looked very different than usual. The entire room was covered in brightly colored fabrics, beading and Indian décor, and their teachers were wearing authentic Indian Sarees and Panjabes.

The POI student team went to each of the POI programs with bundles of decor and costumes to teach the kids about persecution, something most of them have never heard of.

Although many Honduras suffer from extreme poverty and the lack of basic needs, they do have the freedom to worship. However, much like us here in the US, it is easy to take that freedom for granted.

The majority of the children in the program had never heard of Christians who are not allowed to worship freely. They had an exciting day learning about India, a country so different from their own.

The next day’s focus was North Korea. A stark contrast to the first day, the children arrived at the program to find the rooms completely draped in black fabric to show the dark oppression in a country where Christianity and worship are absolutely forbidden. The lights were dimmed and the teachers used lanterns as they taught.

The kids were completely in the moment and interested to see what would come next. It was an incredible opportunity to teach them what a blessing it is to have the freedom to worship God.

Despite the poverty, emotional pain, and worries that these children have every day, they were full of compassion and amazement at the lives of children just like them in countries like India and North Korea.

Oftentimes we need to be reminded how small our struggles are light of the bigger picture. We are so blessed.

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One thought on “A Different Kind of Lesson

  1. annetbell says:

    India and Indians are incredible! namaste. . . Anne




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