Eight Life-Changing Months

Seven-year-old Johan Daniel came to the boy’s orphanage with malnutrition problems, fungus on his feet, undeveloped motor skills, hygiene problems and a lack of education.

In these short eight months Johan has been treated for all of his health issues and is doing great.

When he arrived at the orphanage, he was unable to pick up a pencil and draw; however he is now enrolled in the kinder program at Penzotti School and has learned to write his name.

His teachers marveled at his improvement in writing, critical thinking and language.

Being at the orphanage has opened Johan’s eyes to a whole new world. He had to learn to do even the simplest things such as using a toilet, brushing his teeth, washing his hands, listening to authority and eating regular meals.


Please pray for Johan’s nutrition problem to be eliminated. Although his health is much better, he still has trouble keeping his food down at times.

Pray for obedience from Johan, who has only recently learned what that means, as well as wisdom for Edgardo and Mary as they guide him in love.

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One thought on “Eight Life-Changing Months

  1. jmnewby says:

    Beautiful are the feet of those that bring the good news (and a plate of food)! Bless you!



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