Pradins Story

Pradin was so thankful to receive a pair of shoes in her Christmas backpack last year.

Because her father is an unemployed construction worker and her mother is unemployed as well, money is tight, and things like clothes and school supplies are forgotten.

Thanks to one person’s generosity, Pradin had a backpack to use this entire school year, and has just finished second grade with flying colors.


Doris, Pradins mother, and her youngest son.

Doris, Pradins mother, hopes that her two sons will receive a backpack this year as well. Especially her son Louis because his shoes are so worn out, he is practically barefoot. She said that she feels so blessed and thankful through what POI has done for her and her family.

Would you like to change a child’s future this Christmas? For $35, you can provide one child with a backpack, uniform, shoes, and school supplies for the entire year. These simple necessities give a child the tools they need to get an education and break this devastating chain of poverty.

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