For the least of these.

“Jesus loves even those who are broken or unwanted. He loves each of you and invites you to his table; He loves like a son or daughter,” said Hannah Cibulka as she taught the children at Feb 21 the story of Mephibosheth in Samuel 9.

Mephibosheth was handicapped and unwanted, a burden to society. When Jonathan died, his best friend, King David sought out Mephibosheth who was Jonathan’s cousin. He invited him to his table and lavished him with gifts. Mephibosheth lived the rest of his life as royalty in David’s palace.

This story is a vivid example of the way the Lord loves and seeks out each of these children who are often unwanted or seen as a burden to society. Despite the poverty they are born into, Jesus loves each of them personally and invites them to feast with him.

Both the college team and the student team spent the week playing games, making crafts, and sharing bible stories with the children in each of the neighborhoods. Each morning they were welcomed with hundreds of little hugs, kisses and “hola’s” from the children.

Tubs of Love is a tool these churches use to reach the forgotten and needy in these impoverished communities. Each team went out into the neighborhoods with the pastor of the church and six 50 lb tubs full of basic food and necessities to last a family for a month. Each family invited the students into their home and cried in thanks.

Both teams returned to the hotel amazed at the poverty, the thankfulness, and the contentment of these families that have so little.

Meanwhile, Mike and Teresa Curry and David and Ruth Hamilton led a conference for the pastors and staff. Ruth and Teresa taught the women about choosing a life of joy while Mike and David taught the pastors about the importance of preaching the word from Matthew 24.

Stephanie Tynes and Ashley Hobar  taught the orphanage girls a simple nutrition lesson. They made a healthy snack of black bean hummus, whole wheat tortilla chips, and mango avocado salsa.

Since these girls come from such impoverished situations, they grew up eating extremely imbalanced meals. Meals with vegetables and proteins are a new and stark contrast to the typical Honduran food that is high in saturated fat and carbs.

Thanks to St. Jude, where Stephanie and Ashley are interns, each of the girls received pedometers, exercise bands, and portion plates to help make nutrition more fun.


Please continue praying for the teams as they serve for a few more days. Pray that their hearts will be opened to the “least of these” and that the Lord will give them strength to love with the love of Christ. Most importantly, pray that the gospel will be mobilized through the churches and into these neighborhoods.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40





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