Selfless Love

She dropped everything and left. She didn’t know why she was leaving— only that the Lord was calling her to an orphanage in Tegucigalpa.

Claudia loved her job and wasn’t looking for a change, but when a friend introduced her to POI, she felt compelled to move away from all that was familiar to her— her home, her family and her job— to come serve as a mother for eight girls in an orphanage.

Claudia came to be the POI girls orphanage mom at the beginning of this year.


“It was weird. I had a job and was very happy where I was at. I heard about POI and three weeks later I was here,” Claudia said.

Claudia taught both elementary and high school for 13 years before becoming a counselor at a bilingual school, in Siguatepeque, a city about two hours outside Tegucigalpa.

When Claudia first came, the girls looked at her with distrust. Unsure if they would ever reciprocate, she loved them with a selfless love that can only come from Christ.

Their respect and love for her is now so evident, and her love for them shows through everything she does.

The Lord has specifically placed Claudia at the girls orphanage despite the confusion and questions from her friends and family.

Claudia feels this is her opportunity to make an impact on the lives of these girls who have been through abuse and abandonment.

“My mother taught me that I need to be grateful for everything in my life, good and bad, and to be kind to the people who are in need. I learned from my mother to be humble and to share everything I have. I want to share these things that she taught me with each of these eight girls.

I know in my heart that the girls are learning when they realize they are doing wrong on their own without being punished. 

I try to help Larissa, who has many health problems, to understand how important it is to be grateful for all of the things she has been given and all the things that have happened because they make her who she is.”


There are definitely struggles. Although some of the girls are growing spiritually, others struggle to understand the gospel.

“Sometimes the girls fight, not with fist and hitting, but with their words. They hurt each other and that hurts me,” Claudia said.

Despite the challenges, these girls, most of whom never have a bed, now have a home. Although it is difficult, they are loved, cared for and shown the love of Christ every day.

Claudia’s love is not only a picture of the gospel, but also a picture of a godly woman who was willing to give up everything in order to use her gifts and abilities to love eight girls who the world sees as unloveable.

Claudia truly has shown a love that is only from Christ. In her weakness, HIS strength has been made perfect.

This weekend as we celebrate our mothers– their unconditional love, their care, and their selflessness, let us be reminded of the love that Christ has for us and his love that flows out of so many godly women. We ask that you please pray for Claudia as she is learning to love these eight girls.



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