POI Needs Your Prayers!

We have recently been notified that Larissa is in stable condition! Her test results will be available Monday; we are praying for good news!

However, we now have four of the POI orphanage boys showing flu-like symptoms. Please pray for Helton, Isaac, Kevin, and Andre. Edgardo, husband to Mary, and father to our boys, is also sick. He has received medication and is doing his best to help the boys recuperate.

We know that satan hates what is going on in this ministry and in this country. So we please ask that you would intercede on behalf of these precious people who are so dear to our hearts.

We have a team of families from Presbyterian Day School arriving this Friday to serve alongside POI in the four neighborhoods, the city dump, homeless shelters, and the government-run orphanages. As they prepare for their upcoming trip please pray for these volunteers that their hearts would not be discouraged but willing.


The spiritual warfare is overwhelming and incomprehensible for the POI family but we are confident that God will move mountains no matter what.

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One thought on “POI Needs Your Prayers!

  1. Cheryl Coombs says:

    Praying for POI & these requests!



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