Larissa is Home!

We are so excited to tell you that Larissa is back home! She was dismissed from the hospital this afternoon and is resting in bed. She’ll continue to rest for ten days and then hopefully will return back to school. As of now, she is only taking her medicines for the tuberculosis, per the doctors orders.

Even amidst the fearful unknowns and two long weeks in the hospital, Larissa had the most beautiful smile spread across her face tonight. She was so encouraged by those of you who sent her sweet notes.

Thank you again for your faithful support and prayers. We are so grateful to have you be a part of the POI family. Even though it was trying- we give all glory to God for what He has done in Larissa’s life.

Please continue to pray for Larissa as she heals. We also ask that you would pray for Claudia (our amazing house mom!) as she is giving everything she has to ensure Larissa is comfortable.

Again, thank you! We are so grateful!


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