Thirty-One Children & A New Ministry

It was just three months ago when I entered the rusty gates of a government run facility for children with various special needs. It was just three months ago when Yahweh whispered dreams into my wandering heart. When I visited this center for the first time last March, these children gripped my heart. It was thirty one children who are not only disabled but deserted by the ones they love.

2014-05-30 22.43.03

“For so many years I dreamed of being a therapist, but I was all but succeeding with each and every class I made my way in and out of. I thought this was how God would use me to make a difference. I thought too small. [That day] I wept because I saw the scarcity of the therapy equipment that sat lonely in that tiny room. But then He spoke. I felt as if Yahweh reached from Heaven and held my face between his hands…This is who You will fight for.”

It was now three months later and time to return back to those rusty gates alongside an eager team of North Americans. Also on our agenda was a meeting with INFHA (the Honduran Department of Child Services.)  Our goal was to simply introduce ourselves and offer our hand in anything they might need. I shook with fear as I stepped into a finely decorated office alongside my Dad and our ministry directors. Sitting across from one of Honduras’ most distinguished leaders, Dad began introducing us and sharing about our heart for this country. But before Dad could even finish his statement, the man asked if he could make a proposal.

“Can I give you the special-needs orphanage?”

I breathed deeply as my eyes stung to hold back the tears. That command I heard three months ago was real. This is who I would fight for. I’m still in shock and often find myself staring blankly in awe of the fact that God would choose to use someone so inadequate and sinful. But that is who He is.

He uses broken people to restore brokenness.

As of now we are awaiting the legal documents that will determine how much of the property and such will be given to us. But when that is confirmed, Point of Impact will begin its newest ministry. I can’t help but weep as I think back on the past three years of my life. I surely struggled…but now I know why. I broke down…but now I understand.

2014-05-30 22.29.32

You may not understand why Yahweh has brought you down the road that you are walking, but have faith, because He is doing things for His glory that you could never imagine.

And He will never leave you walking down that road alone.

On Monday, our directors will meet with INFHA to negotiate the ownership of the property to our name. Please be in prayer for these meetings as I firmly believe that God has called me to speak up for these precious 31 children. I look forward to updating you on all that God is doing through this new ministry!

Who is blogging?

Hannah Hamilton is the daughter of David and Ruth Hamilton, founders of Point of Impact Ministry. She first traveled to Honduras at 6 years old and has been passionate about advocating for the impoverished ever since. To read more, click here.


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