A Look Inside Feb 21 | Javier’s Story

DSC_0802Javier first visited the POI church when his son was in the POI Crucitas program. He continued to attend regularly, began to be discipled and started teaching a Sunday School class for kids. Soon after, he landed a job at a bakery with a good salary, and worked there for a few years.

You hear a lot about the work Point of Impact does in the neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. What you probably don’t know is that we have an incredible staff that holds each of these programs together, but rarely gets the recognition they deserve. This is the first of our weekly inside look at the staff of POI.

Meet Javier.

“I was at home with a nice bed and all I could think about were all the kids on dirt floors with water seeping in through their roofs,” Javier

When the church offered him a job as the teacher for the Feb 21 progam, he readily accepted, despite the pay cut.

“This program is important because people in this neighbourhood, people live in ruins instead of houses and sleep on dirt instead of beds. This program is the only opportunity for the kids to receive a meal and hear the word.”

Many of the kids in this program walk up over 500 steps through the dangerous neighborhood, just to get to the program each day. DSC_0819

They walk that long way just to get a meal and hear the word -Javier

YOU can help.

Pray. -Pray that God will continue to work in the POI Feb 21 program and allow us to continue to grow and impact the community. Pray for strength and protection over Javier as we walks throughout this dangerous neighbourhood each week to visit the families of these children and share the love of Christ. Sponsor. By sponsoring a child at Feb 21, you allow them to attend this program every day— receive tutoring, a nutritious meal, medical care and a chance to hear the gospel. to choose a child to sponsor, click here. DSC_0579 DSC_0806DSC_0815

2 thoughts on “A Look Inside Feb 21 | Javier’s Story

  1. […] Javier is the main teacher of the smallest POI program, Feb 21. He runs the entire program and teaches over 60 kids each day. […]


  2. […] has clearly given brother Javier the heart of a fighter – he fights for the fatherless, for the poor, and for the forgotten ones. […]



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