Orphaned No More: Meet Kevin


Kevin Josue is a gentle yet rambunctious little boy with quite the artistic eye! Born on June 18th, 2006 to a mentally challenged mother and a father of 90 years, Kevin’s family, who only made $2 a day, struggled to survive. When he was two years old, Kevin’s little sister, Ruth, was born. 

Kevin was often left alone outside so that he would not wake his baby sister. When he arrived to the POI home in 2009, Kevin was severely malnourished and incredibly fearful. He would huddle in the stairwell as he watched in fear. Slowly but surely, Kevin warmed up to his new family at the POI Orphanage and he became a healthy and friendly little boy. At just eight years old, Kevin has shown so much maturity and growth. He is obedient, tender-hearted, and even a little mischievous! Kevin adds much laughter to his home and can often be found playing soccer or having nerf wars with his brothers. His favorite color is blue and green and he loves to eat fried chicken!


A few years ago, Braxton Brady and his family traveled to Honduras. It was there that the Brady’s fell in love with this rowdy, handsome little guy. Kevin has stayed in the Brady’s home a couple times and though their lives are mostly spent separated, Kevin is considered a Brady family member. Last year, they began a fundraising project and began selling these baseball caps. And the best part is…when you purchase a cap, you enable the Brady’s to continue sponsoring Kevin. You can make a difference in the lives of at-risk children just like Kevin. For $15 you can purchase a 901 hat to sponsor Kevin, or choose a child of your own via POI’s child sponsorship program.

One thought on “Orphaned No More: Meet Kevin

  1. […] Ruth! We know her as Rutita “Little Ruth” and also as Kevin’s biological sister. If you are ever with this little one you will certainly be laughing the whole […]



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