A Look Inside Crucitas |Luz’s Story

 DSC_0647 copyLuz is very special to me. The first time I met her, she hugged me and nearly began to cry as she thanked me for sponsoring her daughter. I can’t comprehend how something so small can make such an impact. -Hannah Johnson, volunteer. 

You hear a lot about the work Point of Impact does in the neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. What you probably don’t know is that we have an incredible staff that holds each of these programs together, but rarely gets the recognition they deserve.

This is the our weekly inside look at the staff of POI.

Meet Luz.

Luz accepted Christ in one of the POI churches. For two years she was discipled and worked in the POI Crucitas Program as a volunteer. The church began to take up an offering to pay this woman who was working so hard— in need of so much, but expecting nothing.

One morning at 5 am she got a call from the pastor of the church who told her there was an opening to clean and wash dishes at the program. She quickly accepted and has now worked for POI for over 4 years.

Her son graduated from the POI program and her 10-year-old daughter currently attends.

“I can testify as a mother and an employee how my son has not only broken the statistics and stayed out of a gang, but both him and my daughter have come to know the Lord through POI.” -Luz


“It is because of POI that I met Jesus— and because of POI both of my children know him and have hope for a future.” -Luz


YOU can help.

Pray. Pray for the hearts of children and families in this community to be softened to the gospel. Pray for wisdom and strength for Luz as she serves and lives in this dangerous community laced with poverty.

Sponsor. By sponsoring a child in any of the POI programs, you provide them with daily tutoring (and reinforcement lessons), a daily nutritious meal, medical care, and a chance to hear and see the love of Christ. To choose a child to sponsor today, click here.

“I always pray for the North Americans who sponsor kids here and who come to help. I am so thankful.” -Luz

cru 3

Who is Blogging?

meHannah Johnson went on her first on her first mission trip to Honduras six years ago. She now works for the ministry and is passionate about orphan care and the “least of these.”  To read more, click here.

2 thoughts on “A Look Inside Crucitas |Luz’s Story

  1. Mimi Hudnall says:

    GREAT information


  2. […] found joy and healing inside the walls of POI. Naun’s experience led him to convince his mother, Luz, to start coming to POI church. His mother saw the motivation in her son and decided to attend the […]



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