A Look Inside Villa Nueva | Nancy’s Story


She walked into the room with a sweet shy voice that brought a hush over the kids who were yelling as they ran and played.

You hear a lot about the work Point of Impact does in the neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. What you probably don’t know is that we have an incredible staff that holds each of these programs together, but rarely gets the recognition they deserve.

This is the our weekly inside look at the staff of POI.


We like to call her “The Child Whisperer,” because of her sweet demeanor and incredible way with children.

Nancy has worked as a teacher at POI Villa Nueva for six and a half years.

To me, it is a privilege to teach these kids. This isn’t a job… it is so much more.  -Nancy

She has a deep love for the children and community she works with. Although she is seeing so much change in the lives of the kids, the impact is reaching further than she expected.

Many of the mothers of these children are coming to Christ,” -Nancy

Nashua’s mom came to the church because she was so thankful for the impact POI was having on her daughter. She accepted Christ in the POI church and said none of it would have happened without the impact POI had on her daughter, Nashua. 2

Most of these kids have a lot of trouble at home. The majority of their parents don’t have reliable jobs—or jobs at all.

In addition to this, many of the children have single moms who, if it weren’t for POI, would have to leave their children home alone all day.

My students come to the program dirty, and acting aggressive because they are raising themselves. One boy just walks the streets when he is alone. I have been able to teach him that there is an alternative to the violent life of joining a gang. -Nancy

Nancy gives her students the power to hope for something better for their lives. With a quality education, they truly can break the cycle of poverty. More than that, with the love of Christ, they can find an everlasting hope.

The kids are treated respectfully here, unlike in their houses. For me, its amazing how much they will open their hearts with just a little respect.

YOU can help.

Pray. Pray that Nancy’s students will understand how important it is to know Christ and study at school even when it sets them apart from those in their community. Pray that Nancy will have patience and wisdom to help these children as they deal with the pain and trouble in their young lives.

Sponsor. By sponsoring a child in any of the POI programs, you provide them with daily tutoring (and reinforcement lessons), a daily nutritious meal, medical care, and a chance to hear and see the love of Christ. To choose a child to sponsor today, click here.

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