A Look Inside San Juan | Silvia’s Story

083a7959-copySilvia first heard about POI when a medical brigade came to her neighborhood. She was in desperate need of medical care, but the Lord met more than her physical needs that day.


You hear a lot about the work Point of Impact does in the neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. What you probably don’t know is that we have an incredible staff that holds each of these programs together, but rarely gets the recognition they deserve.

This is the our weekly inside look at the staff of POI.

Meet Silvia.

When one of the team members shared the gospel with her, she fully understood it for the first time. During that medical brigade, Silva met her Savior.

She began attending the POI church at San Juan and was discipled by a woman there. One Sunday, the pastor asked who was willing to help with a new feeding center (what is now the POI San Juan Program).

I knew the impact the ministry of POI had on me and I wanted to be apart of it in any way I could. I was able to go through the San Juan neighborhood and choose the children we would invite to be apart of POI.  -Silvia

For 2 years, Silvia volunteered to cook and clean whenever mission teams came . After that, she spent 2 more years volunteering as the cook for the Feb 21 program.

I was just so impacted by being able to help these kids and by the generosity of the North Americans who came on the mission trips. It motived me to do everything I could. -Silvia 

Silvia was offered a job as the cook for San Juan. She has now worked as a paid employee for over 4 years.

Working at San Juan is like being part of a big family. -Silvia

YOU can help.

Pray. Pray that POI will always be here at San Juan and continue to help these kids.

Sponsor. By sponsoring a child in any of the POI programs, you provide them with daily tutoring (and reinforcement lessons), a daily nutritious meal, medical care, and a chance to hear and see the love of Christ. To choose a child to sponsor today, click here.

These kids were in the hands of hunger and poverty, but because of POI they can have one meal. Some might say that’s not enough, but it’s more than most people in these neighborhoods could dream of. This is a way we can make a difference.

If I could tell the sponsors one thing, I would tell them to keep sponsoring these kids. We are all so thankful for their help. -Silvia


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