One Neighborhood. One Vision.

In December of 2012, the POI orphanage kids visited the Unites States on their Christmas break. It was during their visit when Everett Stephens first caught a glimpse of the work POI was doing in Honduras.

David Hamilton, CEO of POI, is my neighbor. I wanted an outlet to give back and he told me about Point of Impact. POI’s model is one you can stand behind because of their grassroots story and business transparency. One hundred percent of everything given goes straight to the bottom line.”

-Everett Stephens


That Christmas, Everett transformed his neighborhood into a Winter Wonderland. On a sleigh built by Everett himself, complete with hot cocoa and latino Christmas tunes—the kids made their way from house to house. From s’mores and new shoes, to a magic show, a bounce house and horse rides. One home was even decorated as the North Pole, with a visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause of course.

“This event touched so many people, especially my daughter who was 12 at the time. She is now 14 and uses her own money to sponsor two children through POI.  I have seen her life change because of her heart for these children. So when the golf tournament came around, I knew I wanted to be apart of it.”  

-Keith Lovett, who also lives in David and Everett’s neighborhood 


Samantha + Mary Helen Lovett with their POI sponsor child this summer.

As Keith mentioned above, the 2014 POI Golf Tournament is a great opportunity for anyone to get involved with the ministry of Point of Impact. For more information on the specifics of the tournament, click here.

“There are 2 reasons I choose this tournament over any other fundraising tournament…First, I know that my money is being used wisely because 100 percent of it goes to the bottom line. Secondly, because what’s behind this ministry is a family who took the idea of caring for the least of these to heart in a way I have never seen before.”


Each team of four pays $1,000 for entry into the tournament. But what’s even better? Your team’s entrance fee will sponsor a child’s participation in the POI program for an entire year.  This means that one child will receive daily tutoring amidst a education system that is failing, daily nutritious meals while they live in a neighborhood that is starving, vital medical care, and a chance to hear each day about the everlasting hope of Christ.


“Last year, I played 18 holes of golf and had a great time with some guys, but that money we paid to play…literally changed the lives of a few kids. I could easily take a thousand-dollar-weekend with my buddies— or I could use that money to put a kid through school and change their lives forever—that makes the decision pretty easy for me.”  




10492614_727086310689415_1338829821716300800_nMy family is very fortunate, but instead of wanting more things, I watch my 14-year-old daughter talk about how she can live with less so she can sponsor another child.  Because of POI, my daughter realizes that it isn’t money that makes a person— and that is priceless. POI has impacted our family in ways I never imagined.” 



If you would like to be apart of the work the Lord is doing through POI in Honduras— the 2014 Golf Tournament is a great opportunity. Simply click here for more information or to sign up today!

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