A New Addition: POI Kisii

“I am so thankful to God and to you that support our feeding station in Kisii. It is an answer to our prayers of so many years.” -Pastor Khatetera

Did you know that POI not only exists in Central America, but also in Africa? Through the partnership of Light Ministries and Mike Curry, Point of Impact has had the opportunity to feed, clothe, and educate impoverished children from the slums of Kenya and Tanzania. As of last week, we are thrilled to announce that POI has taken on one more feeding station!

In a small village called Kisii, located in Kenya, Africa, fifty children are now under the care and support of Point of Impact led by Pastor Daniel Khatetera.

stacks.kissi.kenya.map[Photo Credit: Curious Maps]

Pastor Daniel began doing ministry in the slums of Africa in 2002. During his open-air evangelism services, he noticed that the majority of the children who came were carrying and eating dirty, rotten food from the trash. Each time these kids came by, memories were triggered for Daniel—memories of his own childhood when he would pick peanuts from the road using his toes just to quell the hunger. As his belly ached with pain, Daniel would pick rotten mangoes and oranges without peeling or washing them. Now, as each child approached his evangelism services, questions always flooded his heart. “What can I do to help these kids in a way that will encourage them?”

“I didn’t have much myself. But, with a few shillings in my pocket I knew I could buy ripe bananas to divide amongst them. Other times I could buy cooked beans, corn, and avocado. But every time, I would always teach them.” With time, a relationship was blossomed.

“Whenever they saw me, they didn’t want to leave. Same with me—I could not leave without giving them something to eat.”

As time went by, challenges still remained prevalent. Daniel continued to wonder how these children survived, even with the small portion of food he gave them. The source of their food (trash cans) were now empty themselves due to the failing economy. So, Daniel came up with a plan to organize a consistent manner of meeting the needs of these children.

“On Saturdays we would gather enough food and feed them. We did it from the streets for two years—always being faithful to share the gospel with them.”

During this same time, Daniel had already planted one church and was in the process of planting others in the bushes (villages) of Kisii. Church members would sometimes donate bananas, beans, cabbages, carrots, corn, and other foods for Daniel and his family. At that time, his children were still young and were not able to finish the food that his church members would give him without it rotting. So, Daniel asked if his members would cook for some special guests instead of giving it to his family. Those special guests were the slum children.

“We used the building that houses the church to feed the kids. After we would finish church, some of the members would bring food from their homes to prepare for the kids. The program went on for some time until the church members could not afford to bring any more. So then I began sharing food from my own house again.”

After the kids continued to spend time with Daniel and his church, he asked them if they would like to go to school—since the government had previously promised free primary (elementary) education.

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“We began with thirty children but now that we have support from [Point of Impact], the number went up to fifty kids. It was a struggle, but Pastor Mike reminded us that it was about quality and not quantity.”

Three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) these fifty children are fed rice and beans, mixed corn, or beans and ugali. “Our desire is to have them receive something to eat throughout the week and be able to go to school.” Nowadays, a number of them are in secondary school while others have been taught basic life skills in order to earn a living. 

While we are rejoicing over the fact that fifty hungry bellies are now fed. The needs still remain. Here are a few things that Pastor Daniel has requested us to pray for:

Land——“The greatest need of the feeding station is land. We are praying for God to supply us a place to purchase and build.

Uniforms——These kids don’t have complete/decent school uniforms and shoes.

School Supplies/Backpacks——Some of the high school students already go to school, but they lack basic school supplies. When they do not have the supplies, they are reprimanded by their teachers and sent home.

Clothes, Kitchen Utensils (Plates, spoons, + a dining table for the children to eat at.)

School Fees——We also pray He would provide the funds so that some are able to go on with their education.”

If you would like to know more about the POI Africa feeding stations and schools, please contact us via the comment section below or click here to access our private contact form. If you would like to donate towards POI Kisii, POI Tanzania, or POI Kitale, click here. We simply ask that you would specify in the notes field which location and/or which specific need you would like your donation to go towards, if applicable.

Who is blogging?

Hannah Hamilton is the daughter of David and Ruth Hamilton, founders of Point of Impact Ministry. She first traveled to Honduras at 6 years old and has been passionate about advocating for the impoverished ever since. To read more, click here.

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