Perfect Timing | The Transformed life of a Hopeless Gang Member

Maynor Frederik Adriano Torres went to church for the first time on January 15th of this year. The day before he had been in the house of a church member when he heard the gospel from Pastors Yovani and William. 

I guess you could say he was in the right place at the right time. 

What is interesting about Maynor’s story is that he wasn’t just a rookie in the gang, he was a member of the 18 Mara, the most powerful and violent gang in Tegucigalpa. He was so involved and highly ranked in the gang´s activities that he had achieved a “Paysa Firme” status, which is the third in hierarchy of command– the one who plans and executes the missions.

During one gang mission, Maynor was almost killed. He began to wonder if it was God who saved his life.

I started to think about how I don’t really want this kind of life for myself anymore”.-Maynor

In perfect timing, Maynor met Pastors Yovani and William and decided he wanted God to change him.

Nowadays, you can find Maynor at the POI church with a big smile on his face. 083A8550

“God gave me a second chance, a new life and a new opportunity to serve him.” -Maynor

He serves in the church helping with construction and has recently built many pilas for church members in need.

The San Juan church has been faithfully sharing the gospel with the gangs in this neighborhood and Maynor is a clear example that this group of men and women can change.

These neighborhoods, like the one Maynor lives in, are relentless. It is survival of the fittest. Extreme violence and death are normal occurrences along with starvation and an employment desert. Life isn’t easy. So, the draw to join a gang is incredibly enticing for young boys compared to the other option— walking the streets, starving, and working— just to live far below the poverty line. Maynor has much opposition ahead of him, so we ask that you please join with us as we pray for him.

Pray for Maynor:

PRAY for his family, that they will acknowledge His love for God and the Gospel, and accept Maynor’s choices.

PRAY for the gang members that they will fervently seek Christ and a new lifestyle.

PRAY that God will provide Maynor with a stable job and financial support for his family. (Ten family members live in his home although he is single and doesn’t have children.)

PRAY for protection, because his past life follows him everywhere.

Who is Blogging?

meHannah Johnson went on her first on her first mission trip to Honduras six years ago. She now works for the ministry and is passionate about orphan care and the “least of these.”  To read more, click here.


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