All Because of a Mattress


Meet Samuel de Jesus Hernandez Escobar.

Samuel’s family of 8 received a new bed this summer from a recent POI mission team, a simple gift that changed his mothers life forever.

Samuel’s mother, Reina who works tirelessly cleaning houses to provide for her family became interested in the POI church after she received the new bed. During a church service there, Raina met Christ. Her life has been hard since her husband was hit by a car and killed nearly 2 years ago, but she has now found an everlasting hope. 

083A8560She is member of the POI church and brings her children and family. It all started with one colorful mattress.

Reina, Samuel, and her other children are grateful for this new mattress they now share, but even more for the eternal impact it has brought to the lives of their family.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has served with us on a mission trip. We continue to see the lasting impact of individuals who come with a servant heart. Thank you!


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