Helton’s Story

DSC_0491This morning seven young boys woke up with a roof over their head, breakfast being prepared in the kitchen, and two loving parents. Seven boys who once lived in shacks, on the streets, or in the city alleyways, now have a home, a family, and hope.

One of those seven boys is Helton. We have facetiously named him “professor” as he is quick to inquire about all the details of the day. He is tender-hearted, gentle, and meticulous. His heart for Jesus is contagious–Helton is going to be a world-changer because his world was changed by one of you.

We asked Helton to share a glimpse of his story since his arrival into the POI boys orphanage. It’ll encourage your heart, no doubt.

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2 thoughts on “Helton’s Story

  1. Travis S says:

    Helton is such a great young man. So intelligent and considerate. He was a true blessing to me during my time in Honduras and I pray for his future.



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