Never Too Young: Emma’s Lemonade Stand

Photo Oct 03, 2 22 42 PMSix-year-old Emma created her Summer bucket list and eagerly began checking the box to each and every item she had written. One of those adventures included every child’s first “job”—a cookie and lemonade stand. She began the night before by creating and painting signs to display her delicious treats. Cookies, lemonade, and sweet tea, 50¢!

As she headed to the house to get the stand set up, my sister Leah asked Emma what she wanted to buy with the money she was going to make. Photo Sep 06, 3 12 49 PM

I want to give it to people who don’t have houses!

For the next few hours, little Emma stood in front of her snack stand and happily sold her treats to whoever came by. The money jar kept filling up higher and higher…

Photo Sep 06, 3 11 21 PM

Photo Sep 06, 3 49 23 PM

It was nearing the end of the day and we headed inside to count the coins stacked inside that glass mason jar.

As she toted the jar underneath her arm and scurried inside, I asked Emma what she was going to buy with all that money.

I want to give it to the special needs orphanage in Honduras!

It was nearly impossible to keep the tears from slipping out. Because in that jar there weren’t just a few coins. But instead—one hundred and eighty dollars!

I absolutely adore moments such as these because it portrays the heart of Jesus so clearly— It shows how powerful, tender, and completely in love with His children that He truly is.

Photo Sep 06, 5 41 03 PM

Earlier this summer I watched this brave, compassionate six year old display a love entirely from the heart of Jesus. Even at such a young age she realized what our goal in life is all about—to bring the love of Christ to the broken.

Emma knows without a doubt that God doesn’t need a particular age, maturity, or income to make a difference. He simply needs our hearts. That day Emma taught myself, and many others, that no one is too young to change the world—even a 6-year-old.

Who is blogging?

Hannah Hamilton is the daughter of David and Ruth Hamilton, founders of Point of Impact Ministry. She first traveled to Honduras at 6 years old and has been passionate about advocating for the impoverished ever since. To read more, click here.


The special needs orphanage that was mentioned above is a recent partnership of ours. This particular orphanage is home to thirty children who are currently under the government’s care. Their special needs range from minor to severe, but their joy is absolutely contagious. If you are interested in finding out more about these amazing children, email us at You can also check out these beautiful canvas paintings created by the children by clicking here! They are $25 and all profit goes directly to the kids!
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