The Visible Difference

Just by looking at them—you can see a difference. Dirty from head to toe, sores and signs of infection covering their tiny bodies, malnutrition and poverty envelop them in every way. They’ll probably never get the chance to go to school. What will their futures resemble? Likely a life of begging and endless struggle to implore the streets for lempiras…

But then you glance down a bit further—and you see her. Though she still suffers in unimaginable ways, she is joyful. Her belly is full and her wounds have been cleansed. She now knows her ABC’s and is learning to wash her hands before she eats.

Now the difference is visible. Her eyes sparkle as she sings along with her classmates. She’s never been to school until this year, but right before she arrives, her pastor hands her a backpack nearly as big as she is.

New shoes?  A uniform?  School supplies?

She can hardly contain her excitement! Wait till her mom sees what she has been given—  a burden has now been lifted, a future made brighter.

For $60 this Christmas season, someone gave Genesis a backpack full of the supplies she needs to attend school. If she makes it to the sixth grade, she’ll likely graduate high school. If not, the future of her country will remain the same.

As the holidays approach us and your Christmas to-do list gets longer, you have the opportunity to make an impact both here and abroad. By purchasing a backpack in honor of a friend or family member, the gift keeps on giving. Not only do you honor a loved one, you provide hope to two children who face the demands of poverty every single day—one child in Memphis and one in Honduras.

To our donors who have already so generously given towards this years Christmas Backpack Program— we thank you! As of today, 212 backpacks have been donated! Only 688 to go! 

To read more about this years Christmas Backpack Program, click here.


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