Easing the Burden this Christmas

“This was my first trip out of the country so when I first saw Honduras, I was surprised to see all the houses. They were so small and there were about eight people living in them. It made me happy that we got a chance to serve them and show them the Lord.” 

—Alli McFarland, 9 years old


Alli had the opportunity to experience the impact first-hand, the impact that you are making on these children’s lives each and every day. It’s hard to imagine such a formidable lifestyle. These children are tough because they have to be.

But amidst the devastation, the poverty, and the affliction—we have the opportunity to ease the burden. We cannot eliminate it. But, we do in fact have the ability to alleviate their struggles in so many ways.

For the majority of our students enrolled in the POI programs, the idea of going to school, much less graduating, is merely a distant dream.

“Many children are forced to leave school for work, usually permanently, at a very young age to help support their families.  For similar reasons, this connects the low level of education reached by many parents with the insecure living conditions for more than 80% of Honduras. Although school is provided by the government through the 5th grade many children are unable to attend because their families can not afford uniforms and school supplies. Only 51% of children registered complete primary school.” 

Bless the Children Inc.

Despite the statistics, we have the opportunity to be the change. As a ministry who desires for people who are unaware to become aware of the world’s realities, we want to not only share the burdens with you, but show you ways to get involved.

As many of you have heard, we have launched our 2014 Christmas Backpack Program. For $60, your donation will allow two children to attend school with a backpack, school supplies, a school uniform, and shoes. That is two children in desperate need of something so basic—two children across the globe—one student from a local non-profit in Memphis, and one student from the POI programs in Honduras.

Let’s change those statistics and give back this Christmas.

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