More Than Rice and Beans

It’s so easy to see the magnitude of poverty across the world, yet forget to glance back into our own country and see that there is brokenness right next door. Mother Teresa said it well, “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones— the ones at home.”



Today we are grateful for Se Pudo, a Honduran military foundation that chose to take care of the closest ones—the ones at home.

Se Pudo has volunteered to donate 300 pounds of rice and 300 pounds of beans to the Point of Impact San Juan program each month. In addition to this, they have given 180 pairs of shoes that will be handed out to the POI children at Christmas.

This means that in addition to the 120 children that are fed a hot meal each day in San Juan, their moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles will begin receiving a hot meal too.

This is an insurmountable blessing when you live on less than two dollars a day. 

The rice and beans are so much more than carbs and protein—they are an opportunity for POI to connect with more families in this neighborhood and share with them the lavishing love of Christ. We ask that you would continue praying for the San Juan neighborhood. Pray that through a hot meal of rice and beans, POI will have the opportunity to impact this community for eternity.


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