A WREG Bright Spot: Not Too Late to Give Back


Do you remember waking up on Christmas morning to family, food, and gifts under the tree?

It’s easy for us to forget that not everyone is able to experience such a merry moment. In fact, thousands of children will wake up this Christmas morning with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But, we can change that.

When you participate in our Christmas Backpack Program you will not only bring a smile to the face of a child who has nothing—but you will pave the way for this devastating chain of poverty to be broken.

There are several ways to get involved—

  1. Make a donation. With your gift of $60, you will be giving a backpack filled with shoes, a school uniform, and lots of school supplies to an impoverished child in Tegucigalpa, Honduras AND Memphis, Tennessee.
  2. Give in honor of a family member or friend. What better way to honor someone than giving in their name? What a great Christmas present!
  3. Get your friends involved. Last year, a high school student had each person in her Sunday school class bring money for a backpack instead of a gift exchange. One man asked that everyone buy a backpack for his birthday instead of buying gifts.

For more information or to give a backpack today, click here.


POI would like to extend a special thank-you to WREG Memphis for allowing Point of Impact/Memphis Athletic Ministries to share during Bright Spot.

To see the video, click here. 


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