Taking the ‘Impact’ Back Home

IMG_4930Meet Dante and Pershawn. They are middle school students at a public school here in the inner city. Their hard-working mother works tirelessly to make ends meet, but still she cannot provide all that her boys need to be prepared for school.

Dante and Pershawn come to the MAM Academic Program after school, yet day after day, they still have on the same dirty, worn school uniforms. Their backpacks are in shambles, but those will have to last another year or so.

“New research shows Memphis is one of the poorest cities in the country. The national poverty rate is going down, but the Bluff City’s numbers are climbing, and Memphis’ children are listed among the poorest of the poor. Close to half of the city’s children are listed below the poverty line.” (Rufener, WREG News)

For many Memphis children, their single-parent home-life has taken a toll on their overall academic success. Though they attend school, they lack basic school supplies and uniforms to help them reach their highest potential. Amidst such poverty, MAM is striving to offer these children hope and a future.

“At MAM, our kids are exposed to the Gospel on a daily basis. I’ve personally seen them have a drastic change in behavior because of the love and grace that we strive to show them every day. But not only do their behaviors change, their hearts change as well. And that is what it’s all about.” (Bethany Faller, MAM Coach)

We have an overall goal of 900 backpacks, but we certainly cannot do this without you! Will you consider partnering with Point of Impact and Memphis Athletic Ministries to impact children across the globe?

For sixty dollars your gift will provide a child from the urban Memphis community, a new backpack, two uniform shirts, and a pair of uniform pants. In addition, a Honduran child enrolled in the Point of Impact program will receive a new backpack, basic school supplies, a school uniform, and shoes.

“Many of our kids are embarrassed that they are not prepared for school. At MAM our desire is to build their confidence, which in return, manifests into their academic success.” (Ginny Windsor, MAM Academic Coordinator)

For sixty dollars you can impact two children—one locally and one abroad.



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