Orphans Serving Orphans

Photo Nov 30, 6 58 54 PMYesterday, the December volunteers delivered Emma’s toys to the children at the government special needs-home in Tegucigalpa. If you haven’t read about 7-year-old Emma Brady—she’s a little girl with an enormous heart.

After spending a week in Honduras with her family, Emma saw there were needs, and in her own way, she met some of those needs with a lemonade stand. After raising over 180 dollars, we took Emma to the store to buy some therapeutic toys for the special-needs children that she met that summer.

I was glancing through the photos yesterday that the team posted and couldn’t decide which one to share with you all because each one displayed so much joy and beauty.

I love the look on the director’s face as each toy is presented. Can you imagine the look on God’s face? He chose a 7-year-old to make a difference. He can use anyone.

This past week Leah, Meredith, Will, and Mitch have been living in the POI orphanages to take care of our kids while the house-parents take a much-deserved break. They took our 15 kids to the special-needs orphanage with them to help, and I think we were all blown away by their sweet spirits and willingness to serve. These fifteen children were once orphans themselves. And now they are serving orphans. Orphans serving orphans— if that’s not the Gospel—then what is?

These fifteen have taken us on a journey more difficult than we could have ever imagined. But, every single moment was worth it. They are all teenagers now (and one little one who thinks she is.) We are humbled to watch them grow into such Godly men and women. They still have their struggles, their heartaches, and their pain. But, their stories are unique. Each of their stories have a different purpose—and watching them serve yesterday was one of those purposes. We have much to learn from these fifteen kids. 

 Who is blogging?

Hannah Hamilton is the daughter of David and Ruth Hamilton, founders of Point of Impact Ministry. She first traveled to Honduras at 6 years old and has been passionate about advocating for the impoverished ever since. To read more, click here.

One thought on “Orphans Serving Orphans

  1. […] Meredith and Leah spent their week in Honduras with the intent of giving house-mom, Eydi, a much deserved vacation. But their hearts were surely encouraged as they spent their time adventuring through Tegucigalpa with our eight girls, laughing with their sponsor-children, and serving at the special-needs orphanage. […]



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