Meet Hector

Photo Jan 12, 10 13 08 AMI first met Hector when I came to Honduras with a mission team last spring break. I immediately felt his passion not only for kids and ministry, but for Christ.

You hear a lot about the work Point of Impact does in the neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. What you probably don’t know is that we have an incredible staff that holds each of these programs together, but rarely gets the recognition they deserve.

This is your inside look at the staff of POI.

Hector was a literature teacher at a local college in Tegucigalpa, Honduras when he heard about POI and began volunteering with us. Two months later, last April, Hector was asked to come on staff full time as one of our administrators.

Being an administrator is an office job. Hector could have easily spent his days creating financial reports and calling meetings in the office— avoiding the dirty, dangerous neighborhoods completely.

This job is so different– I never really stop working because I am always thinking of these children and how we can help them.

The best part of my job is that I get to be the children’s witness.


Photo Jan 09, 9 47 15 AMThis summer, I spent two months in Honduras working with Hector and the rest of the POI staff. Nearly every day he was looking for small needs to be met. I can’t tell you how many times we would get off schedule taking Doris, a former prostitute to a new AIDS clinic or figuring out how we could shift some money around to buy one more meal for the starving family of a child in our program.

Almost daily, he sat with the staff members that would normally be forgotten by the “higher-ups” and listened to their successes and concerns, then went back to the office to figure out how to help them more.

Hector now works in Public Relations for POI. He works heavily with the mission teams, the staff of POI, and the relationship between kids and their sponsors.

Photo Jan 09, 9 46 34 AM

One of my favorite moments is when I see how two very different cultures [the North American mission teams and the kids in our programs] with more than just a language barrier commit to each other in the name of Jesus to serve and love— believing that through these unique actions they will make the difference, and they will become a POINT OF IMPACT!

DSC_0818The two greatest challenges are time and faith. Working for POI has shown me that my time is God’s not mine. And my faith needs to continually grow in order to visit the painful and dangerous places where no one is willing to visit.

I work in POI because I think is a organization that stands for the needy not expecting something, but giving everything.

I can’t tell you the number of times Hector and other staff within POI have said almost these exact words to me. The staff of POI is committed not to money or success, but to loving with everything they have, no matter if that means working extra unpaid hours, spending every morning praying over these kids, going out on their own time to share the gospel, volunteering in the POI church, or buying someone a meal. 

YOU can help:

Pray for me, that I can do whatever is best for POI and these children and for the people to bring glory to Christ— that we can change our nation one kid at a time. -Hector


Who’s Blogging?

meHannah Johnson went on her first on her first mission trip to Honduras nearly six years ago. She now works for the ministry and is passionate about orphan care and the “least of these.”  To read more, click here.


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