Twenty-Four First Graders

HON1018When you live in a neighborhood that is painted with poverty and violence, attending school is aberrant.

But, thanks to our generous supporters, twenty-four students graduated from the kindergarten class at POI San Juan last month!  


“Throughout the whole year our children worked really hard alongside their teacher, Sara. (Read more about Maestra Sara here.) It was exciting to watch their parents on graduation day as they looked on with gratitude. These children were full of joy—each of them had a huge smile on their face as they received their diploma.”

—Dr. Ivan, POI Staff

God provided everything needed to finish a successful school year—backpacks, uniforms, shoes, supplies, nutritious food, love, and protection for our staff.


Angie Patricia

At least once a week the students had Bible class included in their daily school schedule. On one occasion, nearing the end of the day, one of our students, Angie Patricia, approached Sara and said that she wanted to receive Jesus into her heart.

Beaming with gratitude, Sara told us that she prayed with Angie to welcome Christ into her heart. Now, Angie and her mom are faithful members of the POI church in San Juan.

As we welcome the new year, all the children that graduated from kindergarten will become part of our program that offers academic reinforcement as well as medical care, continued Biblical guidance, and nutritious meals.

On behalf of POI San Juan and our 24 new first-graders, thank you!

One thought on “Twenty-Four First Graders

  1. […] of working in the impoverished corners of my city is the violence. In 2011 we were starting the San Juan program and had to meet with the gang called, Bario 18. They gave us a date, time and specific place to […]



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