A Week With Leah and Meredith

Photo Dec 27, 9 41 00 AM

“I first learned about POI several years ago during a Sunday morning service at Fellowship Memphis.  That afternoon, I began sponsoring a precious little girl named Isis.  It never occurred to me that someday I’d get to meet Isis or that I’d have the opportunity to take a trip and serve with POI.  It will forever be one of my greatest memories, getting to spend the day with Isis, a child that I had grown to love through photos, letters, and much prayer!” 


Meredith and Leah spent their week in Honduras with the intent of giving house-mom, Eydi, a much deserved vacation. But their hearts were surely encouraged as they spent their time adventuring through Tegucigalpa with our eight girls, laughing with their sponsor-children, and serving at the special-needs orphanage.

“Before going to Honduras, I knew that I’d be spending my days in the girls’ home.  Several weeks before we left I got online and found all of their stories on the POI website.  I wanted to familiarize myself with them as much as possible before meeting them for the first time. I couldn’t believe what all these girls had gone through.  It was hard to comprehend that a young, innocent child could endure so much.  I had no idea what to expect from the girls after reading their stories.  My first time walking into the home, I was bombarded with hugs, excitement, and laughter—and it never went away my entire ten days there.  It was not just us being there that got them excited. I realize now that I have never seen someone live with true joy and excitement for life, until I watched these girls live every day in the way that they did. ” —Meredith

“I love spending time with the girls whenever I am in Honduras, but it’s the simple moments that bring so much joy. Despite being 1,500 miles apart, they really feel like my little sisters. Whether it’s them teaching me how to cook typical Honduran meals, painting our nails together, making crafts, or singing into hairbrushes to Frozen songs, we always know how to laugh, cry, and do things that sisters do.  —Leah

“Toward the end of our stay, once everyone was asleep, I decided to reread their stories one night. I had now fallen in love with these girls, and when I read the stories a second time my heart ached for them.  It was so hard for me to imagine.  Why did this have to happen to them?  It amazed me that they had been through such darkness and pain in their past, yet lived today with such gratitude and love.  It occurred to me that the reason they were able to let go of everything they had been through and live in such a way today is because of one thing and one thing only: Jesus. They know a love so incredible now that it can erase the most painful experiences of their past!  —Meredith

Photo Dec 29, 9 23 33 AM

“It has been such privilege to watch the girls grow into such beautiful, selfless teenagers. They do things without being told and they’re always looking out for their sisters. One day in particular we visited the special needs orphanage in Tegucigalpa. I was amazed at their attitudes towards these children. In their country, children with special-needs are considered unclean and untouchable. But, our girls saw those precious children as their family—orphans serving orphans. Yet again, I found myself beaming with pride as I watched my little sisters. They teach me so much about the heart of Jesus every time I’m with them.” —Leah

“I was blown away by how responsible, hardworking, and respectful the girls were.  One day, after our visit to the museum, I noticed that little Ruth had changed clothes.  When we got home, Carolina pulled out a plastic bag with Ruth’s first outfit that had red juice spilled all over it.  No one had asked Carolina to pack an extra set of clothes for Ruth or to help her change when she spilled her juice, she simply did this out of love for her little sister. One of the most beautiful things I witnessed was the girls working with the kids in the special needs orphanage.  They loved on them with no hesitation and truly were so happy to be serving them.  They treated them just as if they were their own brothers or sisters.” —Meredith

“My time in Honduras with the incredible POI staff and kids taught me so much.  My eyes have been opened to something so much bigger than myself.  I am so grateful I was given this opportunity and hope I am able to go back over and over again! This is just a small example of how incredible the POI staff really is. The love and passion the staff has for this organization and each child is unlike anything I have ever witnessed.” —Meredith

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