The Ones Who Care for the Orphans

DSC_0215A few weeks ago, two girls saw a need on their trip to Honduras and decided to meet it with what they had, where they were at— that just happened to be a box of colored index cards and a spaghetti dinner. 

Over spring break, a mission team from the University of Memphis BCM came to Honduras and spent some time at the boys orphanage. Hannah and Bryn were especially drawn to Mary, Edgardo, and Eydi— the boys and girls orphanage parents.

“Through broken English and broken Spanish, I was able to catch a glimpse of their hearts: they loved these kids so much, but their job is a tough one,” Bryn said.

Hannah and Bryn saw how much these families pour out in order to care for orphans. They truly take “caring for the orphans” in James 1:27 to heart, but they also cling to any encouragement as their lives are full of so much negativity.

“Encouragement is so important for the house parents, and we as a church have an opportunity to care for orphans and widows in the midst of their distress by encouraging those caring for them,” Hannah said.

A week after the team returned from Honduras they held a “thank you dinner” for all of their supporters. “I wanted to share with our friends and families how truly incredible the orphanage parents are— how they finish each day empty after pouring every ounce of themselves into the lives of their children. So I went and bought a little box of colored index cards and handed them out to our friends and family at the dinner to leave little notes of encouragement for Edgardo, Mary and Eydi. FullSizeRender I hope that their words will be able to show the orphanage parents, at least a little bit, that what they are doing is being supported, prayed for, and acknowledged,” Bryn said.

Want to join with us? Sit down for a moment, grab a pen, an index card, or your smart phone and write your own letter of encouragement to the orphanage parents. What an encouragement you could be to them! Just send your letters to: 7980 N Brother BLVD, Memphis, TN 38133 or email your message to

DSC_0307 copyAs troops away from home value letters from loved ones and even from strangers expressing their appreciation for what they are doing—these house parents want to know that someone near or far is grateful and notices their laboring of love over these children.

This past trip has opened my eyes even more to the need of keeping people in their ministry by being a source of love, encouragement, and empowerment through speaking life into the weary souls of the sojourners in servitude. -Hannah


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