So Why Should I Sponsor a Child?

DSC_0445As of today, 155 sponsors currently support a child through our sponsorship program. One beautiful aspect about our donors is their diversity. We have college students, grandparents, families, and even a 7-year old girl who gives her allowance. Hear it from the sponsors themselves why you should join them on this impactful journey:

1. Make a difference in the lives of others despite the distance.

“I sponsor a child because it is a way for me to make a lasting difference, even if I am thousands of miles away.”—Daniel 

2. 100% of your financial support goes directly to your child.

“What I love about POI is that, every dollar I give goes directly to my sponsor child.”— Kim

3. Display the tangible love of Christ.

“I sponsor because I was chosen twice, by my parents here on earth and by my heavenly Father. Sponsoring a child is a way for me to respond to that by giving and serving “the least of these’.” —Bethany

4. Build a relationship via letters and gifts. 

“My family and I can connect with our child through trips, letters, and even small gifts—the relationships are so rich and personal.” —Kim

5. Continue your relationship with a child, even after the mission trip is over. 

“I decided to sponsor through POI because I fell in love with a little girl named Maria Jose when I met her on a mission trip—that was two years ago. I plan to sponsor her as long as the program allows me to. It is a small way that I can make a difference.” —Stephen

6. Allow your life to be changed. 

“One thing I do believe about sponsoring these two little Honduran girls is that it has impacted my life more than anything else I’ve ever done.”—Denver

7. Be an encouragement. 

“So many of these kids suffer from abandonment, they are desperate for someone to reach out and show them that they are valued and taken care of.” —Hannah

8. Offer opportunities that are otherwise unattainable. 

“I chose to sponsor because every child matters. It would be a shame that a future hero misses that opportunity because of financial reasons, when I am perfectly able to help.” —Roberto

9. Make an impact wherever, whenever. 

I believe with all my heart the Honduran experience made me a better person, a better Dad, and a better Granddad. And more than anything—a better soul seeker.” —Bob

10. Welcome a new member into your family. 

“I chose to go through POI because I can form a real relationship with Ruth Abigail [my sponsor child] and I can visit her. I feel the “head” people in most organizations are a little unattached from the actual work being done, but the leaders are always right there with the teams. They know every child and they care so much. —Anna Joy

 Want to get involved? Click here to choose your child today!

2 thoughts on “So Why Should I Sponsor a Child?

  1. Bob Furniss says:

    If you have read this – and wonder if you should take the step – and perhaps have questions, please don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook – Bob Furniss. My wife and I have sponsored multiple kids for almost 10 years. There is no better way to bless the life of a child……



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