Where is God in This?

DSC_0202“I’m home now sitting in the comforts of our back porch, surrounded by beauty…bright blue skies and the serenity of a peaceful lake.

My thoughts go back to last week. I have few words but great heartache for what I saw, experienced, and the tears I shed.” 

—Ruth Hamilton, Co-founder

There was the single mother of eight that was so grateful for the water we shared. She had only been without for a month…no clothes were washed, no dishes cleaned, and no bathing of dirty little hands and feet.

There was the little nine year old girl at the day program…bruises on her face. Only to find out, she had been slammed against a wall when an older boy tried to touch her inappropriately.

Who is going to advocate on her behalf?

What can I do?

I can do something!

How about the little girl lying helpless in bed at the special needs orphanage? Body contracted and contorted, mouth caked with dried blood as flies swarmed. I’m wrestling with this question.

Where is God in this?

God does not promise there won’t be pain. But, He does promise He will never leave us or forsake us. Instead, I’m asking myself, “Where am I and what am I going to do?”

My thoughts drift back to the pregnant ladies digging through the filth and stench at the city dump, looking for recyclables to simply provide for their children who are playing there beside them in the trash.

My focus then turns to the name of God “Jehovah-tsidkenu”, the Lord our righteousness. Righteousness is more than goodness; it is a right standing with God. It is to do what God says is right.

It is right for me (for us) to take care of the widows and the orphans in their distress.



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