Edgar Moreno’s Story


We are all blessed when we hear another person’s story.  We are particularly blessed the more willing a person is to share their story with amazing openness in that much of the story is hard to tell. Edgar Moreno is now 19 years old.  Edgar has been a part of POI since the 4th grade. Because of God’s faithful provision, POI has taken Edgar under its wings and has supported him with food, shelter, education and genuine loving care. What a blessing it will be to see him graduate high school this November!

When asked about his first memory of POI, Edgar smiled as he reminisced. “I remember so clearly seeing my friends coming back from VBS.” Those friends told him to go back with them next day. Edgar remarked, “I asked my mom for permission but unfortunately she said no. She had to go out and I had to stay in the house to keep it safe. At the end of the day I saw everyone coming back with toys, and I decided to ask my mom for her permission to go to the project the next day. Sadly, the team leading the VBS was gone and no more toys were given away that day. But I stayed the whole time and had such a wonderful experience that I wanted to be back. I asked my mom to enroll me in the project. Since I was in 4th grade and having difficulties at school she let me go because the project was helping kids with learning reinforcement.” As he engaged the POI experience, Edgar quickly made friends with a group of kids and teachers whom he began to trust.

During Edgar’s early years with POI he came to know the Lord personally as his savior. He decided to get baptized. Sandro, a longtime POI employee and former teacher, clearly remembered Edgar in his early years. “Edgar, was an invested kid in POI. He was very attentive in class with teachers and friendly with others. He never wanted to leave the project!” Eduardo Zuniga also known as “Zarco”, another POI employee and father to House Home girls, added, “It was perfect timing when POI decided to start taking complete care of him. I don’t like to even think of what would have happened to him—where would he be or what he would be doing if POI hadn’t reached out when they did.” Sandro, concluded saying, “Several of the kids whom he used to hang with are dead or making decisions that will lead them to an early death.”

Edgar has experienced his fare share of heartache due to a great deal of loss.  He reflected, “I am glad I am with POI. I’ve had many friends that have turned up dead or in gangs. I was rescued. I am a survivor. I’ve had the opportunity to make the wrong choice, but I’ve seen first hand where those easy choices lead you to and I don’t want to end up like that. My oldest brother was also a victim of that.” Although it must have been very hard for his mother to rely on someone else to take care of him, everyone agrees it was the best choice. And fortunately he has a good relationship with his mother who is invested in seeing him succeed along with an older brother and younger sister.

When asked about his favorite memories with POI, Edgar smiles and laughs. “I can’t give you an specific one, he remarked. I am surrounded by joy when I am at POI. Everywhere I look I has memories that bring happiness to my life. You see, these walls are my house and the people inside them are my family. POI is home. I have my role models. I have Dr. Ivan (Honduras POI executive director) who treats everyone with respect. [He] is always willing and is constantly showing selflessness. I have Zarco who is always making me smile but also is constantly giving me advice and tells me “how it is.” I know he does those things out of love. I have Sandro, Ikel, Bryan and Pastor Miguel who help keep me on track and make feel part of the team.”

And thinking about his influences and how POI has helped shaped Edgar’s life, Dr. Ivan commented: “Despite all teenage behavior Edgar might have, he will constantly offer help, he will jump to serve others, without being asked to do this, especially when going to the city dump and helping out at the rehab centers.” When asked about major lessons learned at POI he say’s “At POI I have learned to put God before anything else, He is always faithful. I have been with POI through so many different situations and I have seen the Lord’s hand in every single one of them. He has proven every time that he is the center of POI.” Edgar also enjoys visiting the projects when there is a chance. He mentioned, “I grew up in the “barrio/hood”, I know the need these kids have for someone to show affection and interest—to play with them. And I enjoy being able to make them smile even for a small moment. At POI I have learned to serve others.”

Edgar is currently overcoming several academic struggles. His teachers are sending notes to us about his wonderful improvement. He is excited and so is everyone at POI about his future graduation in November. He asked to write the next thank you words for David and Ruth Hamilton “First and foremost thanks to God for allowing the Hamilton family to come to Honduras and start POI. Second, I would like to thank all my POI family who constantly show me their love and support. May God bless you. I love you very much! It has been a wonderful experience being part of POI. Ruth and David, words can’t express all my gratitude and I hope you can join me at my high school graduation.”


Edgar has given us the following prayer requests join us if you please.

  1. For his education—to finish his senior year successfully.
  2. For his family. His mom, brother and younger sister.
  3. For his future—to gain strength to face life’s next challenges.  Pray for Edgar to have a clear vision of how to start his new journey.


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