Story on Naun Garmendia

Meet Naun. He is 16 years old and is currently enrolled in a vocational academic program in electrical systems. There is an outstanding joy that surrounds Naun. He is confident and has a positive outlook on life. But like many other kids Naun came to POI with baggage from home. He says, “My mom was a person who would punish harshly. Sometimes I would end up with busted lips or with heavy nose bleeds.” But fortunately Naun found refuge at POI. He was fed; received tutoring; got to play like an ordinary kid; and found joy and healing inside the walls of POI. Naun’s experience led him to convince his mother, Luz, to start coming to POI church. His mother saw the motivation in her son and decided to attend the POI church service one week.  A wonderful seed was planted.

Naun says “Nobody had ever talked to me about God. So when I started hearing about him in class I had so many questions. The teacher would say that he had died for us, but if he died how was he able to give us life? I had so many questions at such a young age. But my teacher was patient and kind and took time to explain the gospel to me. One day I told her I wanted to experience his love and I was ready to accept Christ as my Lord and savior, and since then I’ve never looked back. She started discipling me and after that I made the decision to get baptized.” Naun also started seeing change in his mother who had also become a believer.  From then on they no longer fought at home. In fact, Luz was so thankful for POI’s help that she started volunteering unpaid to clean at the project—until God allowed that position to become a full time paid position.

When asked about the best thing that ever happened to him at POI he whole-heartedly states: “The decision to follow Christ. That was the best decision of my life, the best thing that ever happened. My family is changed because of that; my future is changed because of that. God used POI to do that.” He adds: “POI is making a difference in our communities, it has given us the opportunity to know Christ. It has given us new role models.   Before POI we only looked up to gang leaders but now POI has opened our eyes to the chance to choose life instead of death.  You will hear kids say “I have to go to POI” instead of choosing life on the streets.”

Now that Naun is a graduate from our program he volunteers with POI projects. He sees himself in the mischievous kids and enjoys helping out with them or wherever and whenever help is needed. He remembers how much fun it was to spend time with and establish a relationship with his sponsors.

“I am so thankful for Ruth and David Hamilton. The work they have started with POI is priceless. I love you and pray that God may continue blessing you.  My family and I have found Christ, my mother has a job and I am so fortunate to be able to graduate from high school because of it. Thank you so much!”

Naun has many dreams and goals for his future. He would love to become an electric engineer and help provide for his family. His story and his family are living proof that POI is a tool that God is using to impact lives in Honduras. Please join us in praying that Naun will receive the strength and resources he needs to achieve his dreams.  Pray for POI to continue helping others make positive life changing decisions.



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