Behind any successful ministry there is a team of leaders who pour everything they’ve got into their work for the good of the ministry’s mission.  Often as supporters you get to hear about the big picture: Point of Impact does outstanding ministry in the neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. But today we want to highlight one of the members of an incredible staff who helps make our programs the success that they are.


Ana Rivera is one of our newest team members.  Ana serves alongside Dr. Ivan in Honduras.  In essence, Ana is like the hands and feet of our ministry.  Let’s take an inside look at one of our star team members on the POI staff!

Ana was born and raised in Honduras. She went to college in the states at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.  After graduating from college, Ana returned to her home country to invest and serve in the community where she came from.  She was kind enough to give us a little bit of her story:

Ana, give us insight about how you came to know Jesus:

A: I am blessed to have born in a Christian household. As a pastor’s daughter church became a second home for me. I made the decision “to follow Christ” at a very young age and since then every moment in my life has brought me to experience Christ’s love, mercy, grace, and discipline in different ways. My life is far from perfect but each day I strive to seek Christ with all that I am and pray that my intimacy with Him can be tangible enough so that I can enable others to know Him.


How did you end up at POI?

A: I was told about POI about 5 years ago from Mrs. Joyce Harms and her husband Dr. David Harms. They were IMB missionaries in Honduras for over 30 years. They are very close family friends and after I graduated from college they recommended that I look at POI and see if it was something that I would want to get involved with. But I never did.

I started working for other non-profits with very strict policies against employees sharing their faith. So even though their work was outstanding and I learned so much from all of them, I became weary. Weary because I couldn’t keep on clothing, feeding and helping others without the freedom of sharing with them the reason why I did those things and the true hope that they could find in Christ. So I started praying for a job opportunity where God could use the skills he had given me to make Him known.

I truly believe that for Christians nothing happens “randomly” or “by coincidence”. I found the POI job posting online but it didn’t state the company name so when I eventually found out it was POI I laughed a little about how the Lord had brought all this to a full circle.

What are you passionate about?

A: I am passionate about sharing the gospel. I am passionate about advocacy for women and children. I am passionate about my family.


Share a fun story about your work with us-

A: It was my first week of work at POI, and I was told that we had a team coming.  We went to the airport to pick them up and I saw a familiar face.  One of the team members was a very close friend of mine from college who I hadn’t seen in about 5 years.  We ran and hugged, as we screamed, creating a scene in the airport. I felt extremely blessed to start my first week at POI with friends. What a gift from the Lord.  And the gift hasn’t stopped there.  POI has been a blessing and answer to my prayers.

As you can see Ana is a gift to our ministry!  We thank the Lord for providing the right people to get His work done. She has a heart to love the children and serve the communities.  We praise the Lord for the wonderful addition that Ana is to our team.


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