Story on Eduardo and Sindy – Girls House Home Parents


In your lifespan, you will hear people say “Becoming a parent does not come with an instruction manual. It will be hard, yet it will also be one of the most rewarding things you will ever experience.” This has proven to be true to Eduardo “Zarco” Zuniga and Sindy Marquez, who currently have the very challenging task of being house home parents to 10 girls including their 2 biological daughters, Wandald, age 12 and Solangie, age 6.


Sindy and Eduardo will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary this December. They say “We have experienced hard times, and we have experienced happy times, but through it all we have learned to trust in the Lord.” When asked about how they became Christ followers Eduardo states, “I accepted Christ when I had reached bottom and was trying to look for answers in all wrong places. It wasn’t easy to start walking with Him. I was unemployed and my daughter was ill, yet in the midst of it all he showed me how to become dependent on Him.” Sindy adds, “I knew following Christ was the best decision I could make, and I also wanted to set a future example for my daughters. That was the best thing I could do for their future.”

Eduardo started working at POI in security late 2008 and Sindy will jokingly say “I know I have only been a house home mom for a little over 6 months but technically I was Eduardo’s assistant since he started at POI.” Eduardo had been working at POI for 5 years when he was approached by David and Ruth Hamilton and proposed the opportunity of he and his wife becoming house home parents for the girls. Eduardo recalls, “I remember that day so clearly. After we spoke I started praying. For two years we prayed. We knew that it needed to be a calling from God to accept such a responsibility.” Sindy adds, “I had a job with the government and those are so hard to get. And I knew we were not the “trial and error” kind of people, if we were to do this together it would had to be whole-heartedly, so we prayed.”


Their love and genuine care for the house home kids was never questioned. Eduardo was actually one of the people in charge of picking them up from their former homes and bringing them to the POI homes. His daughters were also establishing relationships with the girls before the thought of becoming sisters crossed their minds. So for two long years they waited and prayed, until God spoke to their hearts. Sindy says, “When the time came we talked to our girls and explained the situation to them. The decision had to be made as a family and fortunately our girls understood. We knew the girls in POI needed a home and a family to call their own.  We wanted them to experience that with us. My girls immediately saw them as their other sisters.”

When becoming house home parents Eduardo and Sindy accepted a task that takes every second of their time, patience and love.  But it is a task they most vehemently say, “we know each day is a challenge but we are ready to serve Christ and serve the girls and help them achieve the great things they never saw themselves capable of achieving. We prayed for two years to make this decision, we are not taking our responsibility lightly.” The people who are first hand witnesses to the relationship between the parents and girls, can see the wonderful changes in the girls lives. Dr. Ivan Lainez (POI’s Honduras Director) says, “The girls have shown a great improvement with Sindy and Eduardo even with the little time of them being there. Their behavior has changed and some have started opening up like never before. The family interaction they bring is what the girls were missing and are responding so well too. Just like Mary and Edgardo are doing with the house home boys.”

When thinking about their favorite moments so far at the house home, Eduardo says, “going to visit my extended family in the country side. My family made no preference for Wandald and Solangie over the girls and they enjoyed their time with them. The girls have become my immediate family and we have so much fun together. We took them to a nearby river and I was so happy watching them enjoy nature and each other. I know we are building a family together.” Sindy adds, “I love to cook, bake and craft. I use that time to teach them, work with them and get close to them. Each of our girls is different but I take time with each one to know more about them and to let them know how special each one of them are. We left everything to come serve as a house home parents and we don’t regret it. God couldn’t have given us a better place to work and serve him. We’ve had our difficulties, as we expected, but prayer and communication have been successful.”

Eduardo, Sindy, Wandald and Solangie are experiencing unexpected life changes, please help us pray for them:

  • May God keep Eduardo and Sindy in good health
  • May Sindy and Eduardo draw near to God and continue to grow in Him
  • May God inherit them an extra portion of wisdom, love and patience
  • May Eduardo and Sindy’s relationship grow each day and reflect a healthy example for our girls
  • May their relationships with the girls continue to be successful and show growth and understanding
  • May the girls stay focused on classes as they come to the end of their school year
  • May Wandald and Solangie not grow weary from the new family dynamics



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