POI Honduras is a Christ-centered ministry that gives the opportunity to reach the Honduran people through different programs such as: medical clinics, churches, after school programs, feeding centers, and house homes, among many others.  Whether you are a young go-getter or a seasoned ministry volunteer who has been there and done that, Point of Impact welcomes all those whom God is calling to partner with our ministry in Honduras.  Over the summer we were blessed to have many teams from the U.S. and Honduras, come serve our children and communities. We are humbled by the impact each team member makes in the lives of our children. As we near the end of the year, we have taken some time to reflect on some of those volunteer trips.

VolDent1 VolDent2

Our projects at Crucitas, Villanueva, and February 21 got visits from a Honduran team of dental students, who at no cost worked entire mornings tending to the dental health needs of our children, and staff. This is the second year that Dr. Juan Carlos Aguilar has been leading teams to work with POI.  Aguilar say’s: “It brings me joy and happiness to serve others. There is a big need for dental health services in the communities where POI is, and it is seen as an “unaffordable luxury”.  That is why I am always assembling teams to raise funds, supplies and give their time in order to provide our services for free.”  The Dr. and his team give interactive dental hygiene lessons and fluoride treatments for children, as well as tending to different dental needs. He adds: “With two years of coming and seeing the kids and their families I can already see improvement and it proves that our time and effort are well invested.” Although it is common for people to avoid dental visits our children and their parents are extremely appreciative and take advantage of the opportunity.

VolPin1 VolPin2

Last week the Honduran Christian bilingual school, Pinares, had a group of students led by their Spiritual Life counselor, Mr. Orlando Lara, visit our project.  The high school students ranging from ninth to twelfth grade, took time from their busy academic schedule and served our children. They played, sang, gave out snacks and gifts but most importantly they came to share the gospel. Mr. Orlando Lara say’s: “I teach an elective class based on Stephen’s life. Stephen is described in the bible as a man who was unusually full of faith and the Holy Spirit and  he served others. Through our class we encourage our students to learn how to serve others whole-heartedly. We truly appreciate POI opening doors and allowing us to come and serve POI.”  What a joy it was to see the Pinares students serving and giving their best to our POI kids.  The POI kids were beaming with joy as the Lord used students to invest in them.

President George H. W. Bush once said: “the greatest gift we can give is ourselves”.   POI knows that volunteering has the power to inspire change and impact lives. There are no age restrictions when it comes to making your mark on the world through service. We are continually blessed by people who go above and beyond to make sure our ministry keeps impacting lives.  We want to encourage you to serve because you can make a difference! Log on to our website or email to find out how you can serve through POI.



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