Story on Omar Hernandez – Crucitas Project Coordinator


At a first glance, Omar, one of our POI Project Coordinators, looks serious but once you get to know him you quickly realize he is full of personality. He stands at the entry to our Crucitas project, greeting the kids and neighbors, visits the classes and during break time he is swarmed with children.

Omar graduated from the Honduran National Art School and is known for his wonderful painting skills. It was those skills that led him to POI. Omar recalls, “I was recommended by a friend who came to POI church to paint a mural for the project and POI liked what I did and kept calling for more. One simple project led me to a life changing opportunity because it was at POI where I was led to Christ.” Like many who live without Christ, Omar was trying to find a purpose for his life in all wrong places.  He had a drinking problem and because of this was having problems with his mother and had a strayed relationship with his son. He reflects, “Because the church building used to be where the project was, I used to sit through service before I could start painting and that is when I first heard about Christ. When I came to Christ I felt totally destroyed and hopeless and it was through Him that I found healing. After that moment there was no turning back.  I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy, especially that first Christmas when everyone was partying around, but I had found the real reason to celebrate – the real reason nobody else had ever told me about. Christ changed me and made me new.” Now Omar has relationships with his mother and son, and he tells everyone that God gets all the glory for that!

It was Pastor Miguel, from POI, who saw in him a genuine interest for the Lord and a deep thirst for the word. “It was during his discipleship where I saw his desire to deepen his knowledge in Christ and it was because of this that I recommended him to work for POI.” Omar comments “Pastor Miguel knew how interested I was in learning and growing closer to Christ and thought attending seminary would be a great opportunity.  I didn’t have a job so I couldn’t afford it and unfortunately there weren’t any jobs that would let me be away for a week every month.  So Pastor Miguel started letting me help out around the project first as part-time and then thankfully it turned out to be full-time. ”


Omar continues, “I didn’t know how much I was going to love my job. But I do. Every day I have to make sure we are ready for all the kids, and make sure we (Crucitas staff) create a safe and secure environment for the kids. I keep track of the kids, their health, and their family situation. I visit them, and alongside our wonderful Crucitas staff, come up with ideas on how to serve them better. Butl the best part is getting to play with them. This is when all their worries and concerns are gone and they can be children for a little bit.  So I make sure it’s as memorable as it can be. Every single face has a story, some are more heart-breaking then others and honestly, I see myself in them.  Their story is no different than mine and I wish I had someone to show me the right path back then. So each day I pray that God will use me to impact their lives and I use every little opportunity to make a connection with them. I am challenged constantly to give my best for them, because I want them to make the right decisions, I want them to know Christ as their Lord and Savior, I want them to succeed and become men and women of Christ.”

Omar is another proof of God’s redeeming love and the wonderful ministry POI has in Honduras.  Omar and the POI team would appreciate if you would join us in praying the following requests for Omar:

  • Wisdom as he continues with his seminary education
  • Opportunities and receptive hearts as he continues to share the gospel with the kids and their families
  • Pray for protection as he is constantly visiting rough parts of Crucitas neighborhood in order to establish connections with our children’s family
  • Pray that he will continue to have patience and wisdom to help these children as they deal with the pain and trouble in their young lives.
  • Pray for wisdom when leading the group of staff at Crucitas


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