To Know and Serve Jesus Christ

The doors of the clinic flung open promptly at 8am and in less than minutes the waiting room was already packed. This was the case yesterday. And it will be the case tomorrow. In a nation like Honduras, quality healthcare is not as accessible like it is in the United States. This is why our POI clinics are always full of patients who eagerly long to be treated for their ailments. Once our doors open at one of our clinics, our health care providers begin ministering to, on average, 30 patients every day.


Today a sweet young girl named Rut is being treated. Rut (pronounced Rūt) is a 3yr old family member of one of our POI church members.  Just yesterday she was discharged from the public hospital after having been treated there for 9 days with a spinal surgery. Rut has suffered extreme pain since then and had been looking forward to continued relief that could only be provided by POI nurses and doctors. When she entered the clinic, escorted by her older sister Ingrid, the nurses listened patiently to Rut as she explained what was going on with her body.  Mary, our POI nurse, calmly reassured Rut that she would do her best to make her as comfortable as possible.

Mary immediately began to treat Rut’s pain. She examined the surgical incision and thoroughly cleaned her wound. She then bandaged the wound gently before sending a relieved Rut on her way to enjoy the rest of her day. In that moment, Mary felt a sense of purpose and joy that is par for the course with being a part of a ministry as powerful as POI’s. This ministry is not only one that meets the physical needs of the Honduran people but also meets their spiritual needs as well. POI shares the hope of Jesus Christ because we believe firmly that there’s a certain healing of the soul that comes only from the Lord. Rut and so many others do not simply need physical attention, they also need someone to be the voice of Christ to them as well. No wonder Mary and the rest of our team feels such a sense of purpose and gratitude in being a part of this ministry.


POI prides itself in taking advantage of a responsibility to get down into the trenches with people—we feel that God has called us to live life with the people we serve. Graciously God empowers us to meet their physical needs. But through our commitment to partner with the people we serve on a deeper level, God also empowers us to meet the needs of their heart as we share the ultimate need—to know and serve Jesus Christ.

Will you consider partnering with POI? Will you be a part of stories like Rut’s and Mary’s? Will you help us continue to put smiles on the faces of deserving children? Whether you provide the gift of health through a $35 Medicine Pack this Christmas, through sponsoring a child, or by coming along on a trip to serve the people of Honduras, know that your effort will go a LONG way.


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