Join Us As We Go Back To School


This week, hundreds of Honduran children will start back to school. Thanks to the generosity of our faithful donors, we will be able to provide the 576 of the children enrolled in our projects with the items they need for the school year. We will be giving them backpacks filled with a school uniform, school supplies, and the love of our donors, staff, and volunteers.

083A3935CroppedSince the majority of our families survive on less than three dollars a day, these backpacks are more than just a nice gift. They are an opportunity to attend school that these children would not have had otherwise. While Honduran public education is free, many of the children in the neighborhoods we serve do not get the option to go to school. The families are not only unable to purchase the school supplies, but they often rely on the income the children can receive through begging as well. Every year our children get a backpack is another year where they have the essentials they need to continue their education.

The backpacks contain notebooks, pencils and pens, crayons, a dictionary, compass, glue, scissors, and other school supplies needed for that particular year. Even more importantly, the backpacks contain a uniform for our kindergarten and a pair of uniform shoes. In many cases, those shoes will be the only pair of shoes the children will own for the year. The cost of the shoes alone is almost a whole week of income that the family does not have to lose.


To donate or to sponsor a child for only $30 a month, please visit our website at



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