2016 Staff Retreat

An organization is only as good its people, and nowhere is that more evident than in ministry. Here at POI, we firmly believe God has given us the best possible staff to minister to the people of Honduras. We are in awe of their love for others, their passion for the Gospel, and their faithful service. In light of their sacrificial work, we think it’s important to love them as well as they love our kids and families.

RJenkins PreachingThis past month we held a staff retreat that allowed everyone on staff, including pastors, to take a step back from the day-to-day work of ministry and spend time engaging with each other and hearing from God’s Word. Pastor Ricky Jenkins of Fellowship Memphis and co-founder Ruth Hamilton led the retreat, bringing a fresh perspective to following God and ministering to others.

As Pastor Ricky preached, the staff was reminded of the timeless truths of the Gospel – God loves us, He’s in control, we need to flee sin and pursue Christ, and we can lay our burdens on God. As one of our staff shared, “we all truly felt compelled and challenged – compelled by the Spirit to analyze our lives and the way we do our job and challenged to give our all to God and trust Him.”

Staff Conversation

In addition to sermon and discussion moments, there was corporate worship led by Dr. Ivan and Pastor Miguel’s son, a night for sharing and prayer around a bonfire, and ample opportunity for deeper one-on-one connection. The staff left feeling refreshed and recharged.

Pastor Miguel said, “Often I don’t have this kind of opportunity. I am usually the one doing the teachings. But I cannot stress enough how fulfilling my time here has been. We have prayed for the retreat and Pastor Ricky for several weeks and I am so thankful that God has answered our prayers and given us a wonderful time to share with our brothers and sisters.”

We are grateful to all those who invested time, prayer, energy, and heart into making this retreat a blessing to our staff!



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