Four Things to Know About Your Mission Trip to Honduras

As warm weather finally seems to settle in for the year, we are getting excited about summer! Why? Because we love mission trips and we love that we get to host so many friends and donors who come to help with the work in Honduras.

IMG_7422Mission trips are a great way to connect with the staff and children of POI, but traveling to a new place means experiencing new things. First time visitors to Honduras know it will be different, but how different will it be? We can’t cover everything, but here are few insights into what our guests can expect when they come to POI Honduras.

  1. 2015-06-16 22.46.31You’re going to say thank-you a LOT (feel free to start practicing now). Sure, you’re going on a mission trip so you can give your time and energy and be a blessing to others, but you’ll get back more than you give. Hondurans are some of the most generous people in the world. They will welcome you with open arms and give you the best of what they have. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but accepting with grace and appreciation honors their dignity and kindness.
  1. It’s safer than you think it is (except for the mosquitoes, which aren’t bad where we go). Honduras, like many developing countries, does function differently than the US and it’s entirely possible that you will see some things that might startle or even frighten you if you haven’t traveled much internationally. However, the safety of our mission teams, staff, and kids is of great importance to us and we have many safeguards in place to keep you healthy and whole.
  1. You will miss the coffee when you leave. Honduras has AMAZING coffee! It’s one of their main exports and for good reason. We know, we know, not everyone drinks coffee, but everyone knows someone who does so we suggest bringing back bags of coffee for your friends who do enjoy it. You’ll be amazed at how much stronger those friendships become.
  1. The same God you serve at home will be right there in Honduras. One of the benefits of going on a mission trip is the realization that our God really is God over all the nations (Ps. 113:4). He is just as much at work in the hearts of His people there as He is at the hearts of believers in the US. It’s humbling and stretching to see that His plan is for the whole world.

These four things are a small part of what your experience will be and we’d love to hear any questions or comments you might have about our mission trips. If you’ve been on a trip before, what are you some things you’re looking forward to? We’d love to hear from you!

We’d love to see you! If you’re interested in joining one of our mission trips, please contact  April Jenkins at


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