These beautiful sisters are one of three pairs of biological siblings we have in our homes. Katy (age 14) is extremely outgoing, free spirited and, according to her sisters, bossy. Karen (age 15) is very mature, goal-oriented and, according to her sisters, sincere.

Born to different mothers, the girls moved from La Ceiba, a city in northern Honduras to Tegucigalpa after their mothers’ death. Because their father had started a new family he sent them to live with his mother and an aunt. In their new home, they began coming to the project in Villa Nueva. When a member of the church found out the harsh reality of how the girls lived, with a family budget of $4 dollars a day, very scarce showers, and sometimes only getting the meal provided by POI, he decided to see if POI could do something more for them.

When the girls first moved to the home they had lice and parasites, but were excited to start a new journey. Katy said “I remember the bus ride to the orphanage and how excited I was about the candy!” As for Karen, “To me the most exciting part was seeing the showers, don’t get me wrong, we did bathe when we were in Villa Nueva. We just didn’t have shower heads, we used water from a bucket, or a hose.”



 How would you describe yourself?

Carefree, outgoing, fashion forward and very blunt

What are some of your favorite memories at house home?

I will always think about the Christmas spent in Memphis, going to see the Bellevue Christmas Tree show, and getting to see the snow.

How did you feel about going to a new school?

I was very shy in 4th grade and I was scared, but I quickly made friends and felt at home.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to do photography and graphic design. For as long as I can remember, I am always running towards the camera or taking pictures of something. So I think both things could be something I could possibly excel at and enjoy working on.

What is your favorite?

    Food: Hamburgers from BIGOS (they have a wonderful burger sauce)

    Music: I am into techno/electronic music

    Color: Purple

    Drink: Cold Hibiscus Tea


How would you describe yourself?

Easy going, laid back, goal-oriented, very honest and sometimes shy.

What are some of your favorite memories of your house home?

I will always remember our first Christmas. How exciting it was! The food, the gifts, the games – it was wonderful! We stayed awake until 3am and then we painted the faces of those who fell asleep first. I will always remember the tenderness and playfulness of David and the sweetness of Ruth.

How did you feel about going to a new school?

I was very nervous. I was going into 5th grade and didn’t know anyone. I thought people were going to be “standoffish”. But after the first day, all my fears had gone away. People were friendly and every teacher knew our name.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

From what it seems I will be forever in college. I want to study: Graphic design, Architecture, Photography and Wedding Dress Designer. I want to be able to use photography and graphic design for a wholesome architecture career and wedding dress design is completely for fun.

What is your favorite?

    Food: Spaghettis in white sauce

    Music: Pop in English – One Direction is still my favorite group!

    Color: Bright green

    Drink: Orange Mirinda or Horchata


SIBLINGS_2There is no doubt that the Lord is doing wonderful things in the life of these girls and our prayer is that they continue to grow in Him, learn to trust Him and faithfully serve Him. Help us pray for them:

  • They are in exams week – pray that they will be diligent and prepare for their exams and that God will give them wisdom to remember what they study
  • Pray that they will learn to overcome peer pressure and follow Christ completely



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