Project Spotlight: Feb. 21

Kid eatingIt’s 9:00 a.m. when the kids start crowding the gate. You can hear, see and feel their angst as they wait for us to open. For some of them, the meal we give them will be the only one they receive today. Others are sent by their parents/guardians because they know that letting their kids spend a little time at the center will benefit them and keep them from the dangers in the streets. For most, however, the POI center is a refuge, their safety zone from abuse and neglect.

The center in the Feb. 21 neighborhood is our smallest project. On paper it is known only as a Feeding Program. For some this might sound limiting but there are no limits to what God can do with even a little. So at our smallest project, He has blessed these kids with two great leaders in Javier and Mrs. Jackie.

God has clearly given brother Javier the heart of a fighter – he fights for the fatherless, for the poor, and for the forgotten ones. He is not only their teacher but also a Godly father figure and role model. Mrs. Jackie brings the flavor. Not only does she make great tasting meals, she brings spunk, creativity and a heart of unconditional love. These two wonderful people are the ones that God uses to FEED children, not only with delicious food for their bodies but with the word of God, advice, love and discipline for their hearts and minds.

Jackie cookingIn a neighborhood ruled by a gang, drugs and extreme poverty, POI is a beam of light. Almost ninety kids make a very long walk to the center each day, some even walk up over 500 steps through a dangerous neighborhood to get to the program. And each day, they are reminded of God’s mercy and love. If you are planning on coming this summer with a team, you may get the privilege of experiencing first hand how God uses even the smallest space to glorify His name.

FEB. 21_8371Javier says “There isn’t something impossible for God, so I try and pray each day to see past the kids behavior, their parents, their situation and see everything like God wants me to see it. He will save, He will heal, restore and make new. There is so much potential in all of our kids that I don’t see my time with them as nothing, I see it as an investment for the Kingdom of God.” Jackie adds “We love each of them, with their quirks and all, and we talk to them, pray for them in order for them to not become statistics but to know they can do so much more if they trust God and persevere.”

You can help!


  • Please pray that God will renew Jackie’s and Javier’s strength and that they will continue to model Christ for our children and their families.
  • Pray for protection over Javier as he walks throughout this dangerous neighborhood each week to visit the children’s families and share the gospel.
  • Pray that God will provide a bigger place for our POI center.
  • Pray that our children and their families may come to know Christ and serve Him.


By sponsoring a child at Feb 21, you enable us to continue providing them with a nutritious meal and free medical care (at our POI clinics), and more importantly, partner with us in sharing the gospel with them.


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