Love for the Game – House Home Boys Update

TABLE_TENNIS20160414-WA0016If you have visited the House Home Boys in the last year, you might have encountered a heated game of table tennis and were probably even forced to bet on one of the kids. Table tennis started as just a hobby but, little by little, has become a very important part of the home’s family dynamics.

House Home Boys mom, Mary says: “At the end of 2014 David gifted the kids the table tennis table. The whole family started playing like a hobby and then the kids wanted to receive proper training. So we challenged them to do well in school and with house chores in order to enroll them into specialized training. We found a table tennis community; they were very welcoming and helped the kids so we started attending different tournament events and such. It has definitely helped them a lot. The kids have showed improvement in their discipline. The kids are more aware on how their behavior affects their outcome, so they are learning self-control. And are more focused on finishing their tasks whether those be school work or house chores in order to play and practice. They have also learned how to save. In table tennis there are several different types of racket and they have started to save in order to purchase more advance rackets.”

TABLE_TENNIS20160414-WA0030Helton, Marvin, Isaac, Kevin, Daniel and Andre play in the 6th category, and Maynor, Anderson and Wilmer play in the 5th category. They have worked hard to master table tennis and without a doubt, their efforts have paid off! About three weeks ago, they played in the 2 Ranking Tournament and did extremely well! In the 6th category, Helton was 3rd place, Isaac 2nd and Marvin 1st.In the 5th category, Anderson won 3rd place and Maynor 1st. Because that’s not enough great news, we are excited to announce that Isaac has qualified to play a sub 12 Central American tournament! He will be representing Honduras in Belize this July. We are so proud of what all of our kids are accomplishing and cannot thank God enough for all the wonderful things he continues to do in their lives.

Please join us in prayer for our boys and their house home parents:

  • Pray that God will renew the physical and spiritual strength of Mary and Edgardo
  • Pray that our boys continue to grow in Christ and continue to pursue Him
  • Pray that the kids are diligent in preparing themselves for exams and that God will give them wisdom.
  • Pray that all the paperwork for Isaac’s permission to attend Belize can be done without any problems.
Congratulations, Isaac! We are so proud of you!



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