Praying For Mission Teams

IMG_9557 Having a heart for missions doesn’t always mean you go on mission trips. In fact, the people who don’t go are just as important as the people who do go. William Carey, the Father of Modern Missions, accomplished great things for the Gospel during his time in India. He preached, started a school and translated the Bible into six languages, but none of this would have been possible without the support of faithful men back home. Before Carey left for India, he said to the founders of the Baptist Mission Society, “Well, I will go down, if you will hold the rope.” His steadfast “rope-holders” in England never let go, enabling him to share the Gospel for many years.

So what does it look like to “hold the rope” for our friends and family who are going on short-term mission trips? Financial support may be the answer that first jumps out at you (and we encourage it!), but prayer is the best way to help those who are going and not just while they’re on the trip! Before, during and after a mission trip, your loved one will need your prayers.

We encourage you to ask for specific prayer requests from the mission team, but here are a few requests every group needs brought to the Father.

Before the Trip, Pray

  • For the practical details (fundraising, packing, schedule, etc…)
  • For the team to connect
  • That each member will be spiritually prepared
  • That the team will have a clear, united vision for the trip

IMG_8907During the Trip, Pray

  • For health and safety throughout the trip
  • For a humble, flexible spirit for the entire team
  • For strong relationships between the team and with POI staff and children
  • For spiritual renewal and physical rest
  • For opportunities to share the Gospel and the boldness to do so
  • For God’s blessing on the team and their activities
  • For those at home (spouses, children, etc)

After the Trip, Pray

  • For opportunities to share what God did on the trip
  • That God would continue to use the work done for His glory
  • That each team member would be closer to the Lord as a result of their time in Honduras

You may want to consider keeping a daily journal of your prayers for your friend/family member and the team that you can then share with them. It’s a great way to start a discussion about the trip – just don’t be surprised when you both see how God answered your prayers!



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